Sharing your Research

Version 1.2.68 of MTWP Researcher has been released and it contains new features for sharing and organising your work.  We have also fixed a couple of problems with our name cloud display

Sharing Research

Sharing your research with another MTWP user is now simple, The Share button gives the option of creating a PDF or creating a Link to share your research.

Copy and Email the link to another user and when they click it will make a copy of your research in their work space. Your original research will not be touched, but they can build on your work, add more facts and update the existing ones, and even send back their updated research to you.

Linking Research

Its doesn't take long  (well not in my families case) for a research document to start to grow sideways.  So now you can split your research into separate documents and add special Link Facts to join then together.  Add a Link Fact using the Add Fact Button, select the type as a Link and then use the search icon on the source field to select an existing Research document to link to.  When you are browsing a Research Diagram click on the Fact Link and it will display the linked research in a new browser window.