Our Approach

Our Approach

Mat That Was Pat is dedicated to documenting the life history of Mattias Murphy and his descendants, some of them are in the photos

As part of this we have built some tools to help us, that we think others will find useful

Our Story

Our Story

I took over the family tree that my father had pieced together, sadly with the passing of some relatives we have lost many accounts of life in rural Ireland in the 1800's

So we are trying out best to document what we have , confirm where possible and use that as the basis for finding out more

Meet the Team

Well its not quite a team yet, but we hope the tools we have developed will help us build a big family


Finbar Murphy

Chief Explorer

I am not saying which one is me.

My credentials for doing this work are simple.  Two Irish parents with 10-12 siblings, who each had about 4 kids. That means I have about 100 first cousins !

What next ?

Use the MTWP Capture and Researcher to investigate your own Family mysteries