How can I get MTWP Capture  ?

Go to the Google Chrome store, and download the MTWP Capture Extension

Can I use MTWP Capture with other programs?

Yes, you can paste the results of a Capture in Text or Excel formats so they can be used in any program that accept those formats

Of course you can also drop the Capture straight into MTWP Researcher

What websites does MTWP Capture work on?

At the moment you can Capture from Irish National Archive, Roots Ireland ( Subscription required) and the Irish Genealogy site.

We will add others as we need them, if there are ones you would like you can let us know

Is MTWP Researcher a Family Tree Program

There are plenty of Family Tree applications in the marketplace.  MTWP Researcher is design to help you organise and manage your various Research tasks, maybe a new branch. or conducting an initial overview of a Family.  In the near future the output from MTWP Researcher can be uploaded into a Familiy Tree site using GEDCOM.

Are MTWP Researcher and Capture Free ?

At the moment both are free to us as we are keen to get feedback on how we can improve the Tools.  Hopefully MTWP Capture can remain free and MTWP Researcher will become a subscription service